About Thirza and the herd

I am a hippy, witchy, earthy mama who has figured out that living life according to my Soul makes for joy, health, freedom, and abundance!  Being a member of the western middle class, I, like many others, have spent my life working hard to control my life to keep myself safe.  In doing so, I have kept my life pretty small and tight while dealing with loads of anxiety and loss of energy.  My body was not enjoying the lack of attention to my Soul and was screaming at me  and getting increasingly louder.  At 40, I decided to finally listen....And my Soul is happier than she's ever been!

We have been looking for "Soulfarm" (we had the name years before we even knew it would be an actual place) for almost 2 years.  We looked high and low with many emotional highs and lows to match.  We knew the what and the why, we just didn't know the how or where.  We put all our trust in the Universe (or tried to) and we were gifted with a beautiful property on Gabriola Island,  a little island off the east coast of Vancouver Island which is a big island off the west coast of Canada.  She is named Soulfarm because people come here to find their alignment with their Soul.  

Why we work with the herd.  We believe that everything is Sacred, that WE are all One, and that everything is conscoiusness.  We have learned the power that we have in our own lives and in the future of the planet when we find this powerful connection to Who We Are.  The herd helps us with that.  When you arrive at Soulfarm, you are a member of the herd forever more.  The herd adopts us in.  They, by nature, want us to be congruent with our emotions, they want us to be strong leaders, and they want us to be in alignment.  When we are this, the animals feels safe with us.  The herd are powerful space holders while we do the work of rising into our powerful knowing.  They have endless patience and compassion, but will clearly tell you to change something within when it is a belief or way of being that is harmful for you or them.  As a herd, we hurt together and we heal together. 

Here at Soulfarm, you learn to dive deeply into your own inner nature.  Through quieting your mind, becoming entrained by the horses, by working on your emotional agility, and through meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), and energetic exercises, you will discover your Power that you may have given up years ago to appease other humans or society.  Within this environment of peace, you will Become an opening for Magic.  You will see that you are a powerful point of focus and that when you get your mind and belief systems out of the way, Source can flow through you into the world.  

This work is powerful and available for those who are feeling called.  Tune into your heart.  If it is speaking to you, join us.

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About Me

I am a hippy, gypsy, witchy mama who has figured out that living life according to my Soul makes for joy, health, freedom, and abundance!


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