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Having personally experienced Thirza's life coaching, I highly recommend her services! I feel renewed with a whole new attitude and expanded views on matters dear to my heart and soul that I had lost touch with prior. I had been in a very negative space and was frozen stuck and I MEAN STUCK, AS IN I WAS TRULY STUCK, and had been for some time. Yuck,  I will spare the sordid details here lol. 


THE GOOD NEWS IS... the block that had me stuck has since dissolved and dissipated thanks to Thirza's gentle yet firm approach during our 'Horse Illuminated Journey' course. Thirza held space for me in such a way that deep transformational work was achieved, and gently so. I am ever grateful as this a gift that just keeps growing as I integrate my 3 month experience at Soulfarm Healing Company! WE completed our agreement (123 weeks worth) a few weeks ago and I am happily integrating and pinching myself in the mornings as aI wake up feeling excited about what's on my plate! My heart is full and overflowing with a renewed sense of enthusiasm Thirza!


I look forward to new adventures and I trust you will be a part of them one way or another! Blessings to you and yours! 


Angela Gerhart

My visit to Soulfarm was a beautiful experience that intrigued my mind and soothed my heart.


It wasn't a surprise that the first to greet me there was Raven, the cheeky black Medicine Horse standing beside the driveway. She waited for me to come closer and then walked with me to meet Thirza the Medicine Woman. Thirza's healing style is subtle and effortless - she used very light touch to intuitively address the issues I was bringing to the session, and engaged me in a flow of medicine wheel work, tarot reading and joyful, affectionate play with Raven. I couldn't help noticing how beautifully it all harmonized with the rawness of the land we were on. There is powerful energy brewing at Soulfarm and I can't wait to go immerse myself in it again.


Denisa Kraus

Choosing to do a nine month mentorship with Thirza, Soulfarm and her Animals was Divinely led by the Great Spirit.
Before I made the decision, I had moved to Durango, CO in February, 2019.  While there, my Guardian Angel slowly returned my Spirit.
I had a reading with Thirza and just felt her wisdom, the desire inside sparked, knowing she could aide in expanding my Vision.
Unexpectedly, in November, nine months later, the time it takes to birth a life, I returned to NC and began my journey with Thirza.
It was time to step into the shoes I had once inhabited and create the life that I had longed for.

Within the stages of creating and growing, the struggles, the shifts, and the results are always changing.
The many blessings and gratitude to the Great Spirit for aligning us, has in turn aligned me and my life force.
To begin, Thirza cleared my Chakras and strengthened my Connection to All That Is, Our Cosmic Family, and Our Human Family.
In doing this, the struggles that burdened my Voice, Confidence and Leadership qualities slowly began to dissipate.
Understanding that those facets have to be accepted and allowed, the Shift in Trusting myself was built, my Energy imprint returned, and a Higher Perspective was granted.
Shining through these journeys with Thirza, an updated sense of Values & Self-Esteem sparkled through my Communications with others, as Creative Ideas manifest in ways that I could have only hoped for.  
In being Present, with a Lovingly Conscious Awareness, mentoring with Thirza has shown me the Power of Choice and the Responsibility to Our Human Family, within our Relationships, we are Divinely connected within Great Spirit.

In completing this Mentorship, I am so Grateful for all the Graciousness that has encapsulated My Life to date.
Going through life, we need Joy, Beauty, Wisdom, and Love, and Others to be Our Best Selves!
We are so lucky to be living this life and to help, aide, and join others on their journey, it is something to be Honored.
I Honor You, Thirza, Soulfarm, and all the Animals, that walk this Earth!

Sharon Berry

High integrity services and love.


Halliday Walsh

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