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WE found it!

Four years ago, I drew a picture of our future. I have drawn these pictures of my future since doing some personal work after my divorce. I draw a picture of my future and then when it comes true, I draw another one. I then put that picture away somewhere and bring it out every year or so to take a peek at it.

We decided a year and a half ago that we wanted a farm. My husband has been volunteering at a farm in exchange for harvest and I have been working with horses, doing my Equine Therapy training. We both in our own ways have fallen in love with the farm life. Since that time, we've been farm hunting. Now I am a wonderful house hunter. I love the hunt! I kept us busy off and on for a year and a half looking at farm after farm after falling down farm house after farm. Our realtor, finally before the last house we saw, bought gum boots and a rain jacket. He was tired of wrecking his good shoes.

Every house we looked at, we looked for Soulfarm (we had named the farm awhile ago), but we could never find it. A couple of times we made offers and thought we had found it, but it was too this or too that and it wasn't quite right. In true looking after us style, the Universe made these deals not work out.... and then we found it.

I was reading my tarot cards one day, which I do often, almost daily to tell the truth... and I got this card about moving over water. None of the places we have been looking involved moving over water. We have looked at living on a smaller island (we already live on a very big island) before, but we could never pull it off because my big kids go to school on the very big island and they would have to be driven every day. This was still an issue and so it didn't seem we were going to be living on a small island any time soon. Also, we had been looking over there recently and turned it down quickly because of the cost of the ferry (and because it wasn't time I guess).

I couldn't get this idea out of my head (and when I get like this watch out! ask my husband...) so I looked for houses and properties on this one small island. and I found our dream property. We decided we had better go and look (but my husband really didn't want bare land, he wanted something already built). Fair enough, but I had this strong feeling that we were going to build. To appease him, we looked at a few houses and a bunch of bare land (to appease me). Our time was running out before it was time to catch the ferry home and we had found it disappointing. There was one property left to see which was the main one I had wanted to see.

We walked on to the property and I felt bliss. There were sheep roaming around, there was pasture and woods and lots of sunlight. My husband told me after he was really trying to like it less (because he was still so scared to build). We loved it though and went home and decided to make an offer. We heard that night that there might be another offer. We decided we didn't want to get into a bidding war, but would go in with our best offer.

The next morning we made an offer and they presented it. We got a call later that day that we had got the land! Yay and yikes! We had hoped so long and made so many offers and looked so hard and it was really happening finally??! I didn't sleep that night barely. I sweated (literally) and fretted all night long. I guess this is what they call buyers remorse. I wasn't remorseful for sure though, I was just so undecided and felt like I did not have the strength to do all that needed to be done (including telling my big kids they were going to have to take the ferry every day to school).

My husband held me down so I didn't call off the whole deal, but perspective and plans helped as the day wore on and by that night, I was feeling grounded and excited.

..and today I feel better after a good night sleep last night and it is mine and my husband's second wedding anniversary and it is 11/11/2016 (and I love 11's!) and we are moving forward with our heads up and excitement in our heads with trust in our feet (does that make sense to anyone except me, root chakra, you know?).

We're moving to a little island, we're building a house and we're going to live on our very own Soulfarm! Dreams do come true!

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