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I have decided to become addicted to joy. Joy is a high vibe emotion and it creates health and abundance. Besides that it is so much more fun to be joyful than negative!

I kept getting this card in the Tarot that depicts an addiction to negativity and I was like...."no way, I am sooo positive! I am so positive that negativity drives me nuts! When people are negative or look at the glass have empty, I get so annoyed!" Exactly....why does it drive me so nuts? because what you judge most about another is within yourself. Wammo. That was a hard one to swallow...

Me, negative?? Then It hit me.... I realized that worrying is negativity and that's something I've done for most of my life. Worrying has been my go-to. It's been my way to feel in control of my life.

But finding joy calls for a letting go of how we usually think about things, a faith in the importance of feeling good, and a commitment to self love.

This is really sacral chakra stuff. Our chakras are our energy centres in our bodies. When balanced, they shine bright like colourful jewels. The health of our chakras is directly related to our health mentally and physically and to how much energy we have. The sacral chakra is about Joy! She (I call her a she because I see her as a wild, dancing, painting Goddess) wants us to squeeze as much joy as we possibly can out of life.

I have always known somewhere deep inside about her. I have felt her moving within me, but have heard contradictions to her teachings everywhere in society. I have been taught by the world that you have to work hard at life and that you may not like what you do, but you gotta do it and suck it up.

As kids, we all believe in fun and laughter and joy... Where does that go? Someone once told me when I was in University, "Find something you love to do and find someone to pay you to do it." I ignored that for awhile and did what expected of me. I got a great job with the government as a social worker and did that for 11 years, hating it most days. I couldn't make sense of all the barriers that were being put up when our jobs were to help people. I wanted to help people in a way that I felt like I was really helping them and not throwing policy and red tape at them. So I finally got the balls to leave... and that was when I committed to myself to only do what I love... I took yoga teacher training and embarked on a life of making it on my own, but that is really hard to do when you still have those old beliefs about how society works. You see, I knew deep inside that I could do what I love and that people would find me who needed my services, but I didn't have the courage or self-esteem within me to stay committed to things that were so overwhelming and scary to me.

Since embarking on my own, with every creative act I put out there whether it is a course I am offering or a blog post I am writing, I have felt like I am taking my intestines out from inside me and hanging them out in the world for people to look at and judge and criticize. This,obviously, is not a comfortable feeling. I had the belief in being able to do what we love, but I was missing the belief that I could be abundant and support my family while doing these things. After 7 years since leaving the 'safety' of a government job, I am still reconciling my beliefs about the feasibility of following my bliss...

But as Abraham HIcks says "You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come." So I have decided to joy my way to joy!

When I write or create or put myself out there in my business, I notice a huge cloud over me of perfectionism and fear of failure, etc. etc. So I have decided if I focus on the fun of writing, of creating, of showing people who I am and what i do, I shall succeed and what is success, but Joy!

Since this writing, my husband, Patrick, and I have started the joy project #joyproject! Every day, we post on instagram, something that made us joyful throughout that day. Simple pleasure. If you look for joy, that is exactly what you'll find!

Love to you all,


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