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Beginnings of a new beginning!

Things are finally a'happening at our little paradise. After a long winter's nap we are finally ready to move forward with this dream project. The sky has cleared and after 7 weeks, the plans have been approved.

Life has been interesting lately for us. Building on a little gulf island while living on another gulf island is shall we say... Challenging? Luckily, we have a builder who promises to get us through without too many more grey hairs for my lovely husband... See what I did there? Actually, I think I found a grey hair the other day and tried to pass it off as one of the kids'! or the dog's? nobody fessed up... I digress.

Anyways.. we are living on this little island in my parent's cabin... I love it immensely and am eternally grateful to my parents for letting us bunk there for so long, but it does not lend it self to an easeful life when the kids need to get to school every day. But we do it because this is a choice we made in order to support our bigger dream. We absolutely make the best of it and are enjoying our campfires every weekend and frequent beach walks. And when we can, we hop over to 'our island' from 'nana's island' as Kai calls them. We check the progress of the house, enjoy some family bonding time, thenleave Patrick there to cut wood and do other chores while we go and visit our soon-to-be horse.

This lifestyle has been going on since we sold our house in January and has been somewhat ungrounding at times, to say the least. One of the things I love most, though, are new beginnings!! Not that I am going to need to move again in a few years (sure hope not), but I will always dream more and create more and imagine more. This is how I live my passionate life and it's not always easy for those around me to keep up.

I actually went through a whole load of guilt over this whole move. My older kids, H(15) and B(13) did not dig the idea of moving to a gulf island. This means they will have to take a bus, ferry, and bus to school. Every time they complained about it or had anxiety over the move, I felt this knife in my solar plexus and felt like I was ruining their lives. My littlest son K(5) was keen on the move, but has continually talked about how much he misses our old house.... I know it's normal, but ouch... I am hanging this whole cockamamy (can you believe that word is actually in the dictionary?) plan on my wishing and hoping that we will all be better people and more grounded because of this change. Here's to hoping!

I have found I am someone who has to follow my joy or bliss or whatever you call it (I believe we all have to for health and a happy life) and so my family gets dragged along with me. I think it teaches them the importance of doing the same, but it's not always easy in the transitioning. Some would call this style of living selfish and to them I say, "Try it, you just might like it".

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