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‘Magic’ is one of my favourite words. To me, it encompasses all those things that I felt and knew when I was a child, but was never able to talk about. the word, ‘Magic’ in my world is synonymous with power. When we are really tapped in to the magic of life, we are in line with our Souls and truly power-full. Magic is the light within us. The more light we have within, the more we attract light-filled adventures and healing and excitement and that is the magic of life. Some call it synchronicity, I call it Magic.

As per the Law of Attraction, the energy that is within us, attracts the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Any light-filled energy centres attracts more light and more experiences that are filled with joy, abundance, happiness, health, and ease. Any shadow-filled energy centres (or chakras) attract shadow-filled experiences. This is also magic because we are meant to learn from these experiences. As I look back on my life, I can say that every single ‘negative’ experience that I ever had was for my learning and expanding and growing as a Soul.

The most exciting part of this for me is that we have huge power and control over our energetic systems, our chakras, and therefore our lives. We are the alchemists, the magicians, the healers, the witches, the priestesses. In a world where we are often so anxious and afraid of what is going on in the world, of feeling vulnerable, of feeling and being ‘out of control’, the big joke is that we actually ARE IN CONTROL…. Just not in the ways that we thought. Being light-filled is not synonymous with anything that we seem to think it is today. More light does not come through our lives through what we in our western societal ways think of ‘success’ these days. Getting more degrees, having more land or bigger houses or nicer cars or more money in the bank or more trips every year or more letters behind your name. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you have been working toward these things your whole life like many of us have, this is NOT the way to health, abundance, joy, ease, and happiness. These activities do not clear the energy centres in order to bring more light-filled experiences into our lives. In fact, these activities usually do the opposite. Focus on busyness and doing and social media where we look to the outside for approval and looking at a screen for many hours a day and doing things because we must not because we love those things, all these activities bring shadows into the energetic field, which is fabulous because it gives us work to do on ourselves, but not fabulous if we don’t focus on ‘bringing more light into our lives’. these things are not fabulous in our lives if we just keep our heads down and never realize that they are doing us more harm than good. We have to realize that we are not CONTROLLING our lives by working harder and longer and with more focus. We are actually losing all control and letting ourselves fall.

The way in which we have full control over our lives is by focusing on and making our energetic systems and the health of our energy, our number one priority in our lives. With focus and commitment, we have the abilities within us to fully heal, transform, and light-fill our lives and bodies.

The 2 very first steps in getting onto the path toward health, abundance, ease, joy and happiness, is to realize and admit to yourself that you have NOT been on it. If you have been complacent (one of my favourite and lease favourite words) in ANY area of your life, you have not been on this path. If you have been telling yourself, ‘well, that’s just the way life is’, you have not been on the path. If you dislike any part of your life (other than dishes and washing floors etc), get on the path and change it. If you want health and don’t have it right now, get on the path. If you feel like you never have ‘enough’ money or are living pay check to pay check, get on the path. If you feel like you can never find and never will find a loving, respect-filled, joyful relationship, get on the path. If you have a job you hate, get on the path. Each and every one of these aspects of life and many more you DO have control over, just in a different way than we have been taught. It is time to learn a new way. Isn’t it Einstein who says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”? We are not insane. We are perfectly reasonable humans who have got ourselves in a bit of a tough spot and don’t necessarily know the way out or even that there is a way out.

I’m here to share the way out. I’m here to share the way to health, the way to joy, the way to abundance, the way to ease, the way to happiness. This is NOT new. I am NOT the genius who is here to tell you everything that I KNOW that no one else knows. Nope. This has all been taught before in similar and different ways. The thing is though, that I am being called to write about it here and to teach it at our SOULFARM. I have been asked by the Universe (once I started listening), to provide a place where people could come and get in touch with their Soul. A place, where people could connect with both the Earth and the Universe in such a strong way that they would feel something. A place where spirit and matter come together. I have been asked to create this physical space on the outside, that you can come and learn how to re-create this space for yourself on the inside.

The cross within a circle is the symbol of spirit meeting earth from many ancient belief systems. It is the Celtic cross, the Medicine Wheel, the Goddess Wheel, the stone circle, and many more. The purpose of this healing space is to create an energetic vessel where those present can feel the presence of their Soul in a strong way. I am creating one of these spaces on Soulfarm. I am creating this space as a service to the people. I am here to serve as a facilitator between You, Your Soul, The Land, The Animals, and any other magic that chooses to be present for You. The Space is utilized as a space for ceremony, the Ceremony of You. The Ceremony of You finding You. The Ceremony of You beginning a new journey to health, abundance, joy, happiness, and ease. A new journey to a light-filled body and energetic system so that your life is a beautiful melody of learning, growth, and joy.

This kind of alignment that we are journeying towards doesn’t mean there will be no difficulties. This is a difficult path. This is a path where you had better ask Strength and Courage to come along with you in your invisible backpack. There will be many obstacles and many tests where you must face terrifying things which are mostly old belief systems and emotions. This path for everyone. If you are, however, one of the millions of people who recognizes any of these statements that we tell ourselves ‘get control of yourself’, ‘I should not feel so strongly’, ‘I cannot show anyone what I am feeling’, ‘feelings are for behind closed doors’, ‘I’ll deal with those feelings later’, ‘it is not safe for me to feel because it makes people uncomfortable’, ‘feeling strongly makes me feel very uncomfortable’, ‘having strong feelings causes conflict’, ‘if I allow myself to feel this, I won’t recover’, ‘my joy, happiness, anger, sadness, etc. Make me too loud and too much for others to handle’ and many other self-restraining statements, the first lesson for us will be to begin to feel. Most of our western society suffers from disassociation. In clinical terms, this means………………. Basically, we are separating ourselves from our bodies and our emotions out of fear of what they will tell us. Linda Kohanov explains this disassociation in her book, ‘The Tao of Equus’, “We are afraid to feel as adults because we were repeatedly discouraged from feeling as children, and thus never learned how to manage our emotions. Our notions of human authority usually involve repressing authentic emotions in favour of those deemed socially acceptable until the pressure builds, and true feelings explode all over the place. We commonly use food, alcohol, and drugs to medicate these unruly sensations into submission. In this way, people manage to put off the day of reckoning and blame the inevitable breakdown on addiction rather than the deeply buried emotional messages behind it.”

The journey, though, has the benefit of all those things that we are truly ‘supposed’ to enjoy as humans on the earth. Our Soul is like he most loving parent you can possibly imagine and all it wants for us is a life filled with joy, happiness, abundance, health and ease. Each and every one of these things WILL come to you in time once you embark on this journey of healing and set the intention to HEAL.

Healing is not something that just happens on the physical or even physical/mental/emotional levels. Healing is a reconnection of you with your Soul. Healing is a realignment of You with Who You Really Are, with your Wider Self, with your Energetic Essence. Healing is reconnecting You with You. Soulfarm is a physical space where this healing journey can happen. The first step is making a promise to yourself that you will embark. That’s it. No promises to yourself to end up at a certain place at a certain time with a certain outcome, just a promise to take the first step…then see what kind of magic comes your way!

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