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Let Love Lead the Way

I have been talking to my Soul about what I should write about. The answer was a download every day from my Soul.

So here goes….

Soul talking:

I wish people knew the Truth. People, humans are SO able, so full of light and creativity and wisdom, and Love, but they keep it hidden under layers and layers of fear. Fear is the quickest path to making a mess of your life. And LOVE is the opposite. Love heals everything, love unblocks all energetic blockages and lets energy flow. Feel your fear, respect it, and then pick it up and put it on a stool in the corner of your mind while you let Love flow. Love can’t flow when fear is blocking it light a dam. Light wants to flow into all parts of you. Light is carried by the energy of Love. Light and Love want to flow into all parts of your body and your psyche. Love wants to fill You up.

So for today, take fear on a little walk and talk to it gently. Tell it that when it rears its head today, you won’t be listening. Today, you are only going to listen to Love. If Love tells you to do something today, you will do it. If fear tells you not to, remind it that it can have its way again tomorrow for a bit, maybe, but today you are listening to Love. Do it for a whole day. See and feel how it feels.

Me talking:

So I took my Soul’s suggestion and faced something I was really afraid to do and I did it with Joy! I took my black beauty out on the trails for the first time and rode her! This might seem simple and a bit ridiculous, but she hadn’t been on the trails before or on the road, so I didn’t know how she would react. She was fine but with LOTS of grass-eating! Then we got to the trail and she did the regular checking out of things with her head high…. I could tell she was nervous, so didn’t want to ride her too soon. I was going to follow her lead, but with a bit of riding at some point (I hoped). Once I felt ready to get on her, I needed to find a stump or hill or something so I could get on her back (I was bareback riding remember so a little hard to get on). I finally found a stump and jumped on. Yay! Bliss! I love riding bareback, but always have a pounding heart because that big back is pretty slippery. I held on tight and made myself relax while we explored this new place. Bareback is this amazing thing where I feel so connected to my horse through all parts of my lower body. So grounding! I have to take a deep breath and feel my feet and that always helps me relax into the repetitive walking of this beast underneath me. I hopped off after a bit and was SO excited to have done my first trail ride with my first horse! What a dream coming true at 41! Love definitely lead the way today.

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