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Musings from a Rubbermaid...

Ahhh the building of Soulfarm continues and I am sitting in a Rubbermaid container, having my bath. Today is my 3 month anniversary of living on this land in a trailer and tent with my youngest son. I am amazed we have survived this adventure this long and with less than a month before I am in my house (here’s to hoping!), I am feeling excitement, awe, a little anxiety and still a little turmoil.

I have been shedding the fear and anxiety hard and fast since living on this land (it is amazing how in tune with nature one becomes when sleeping in a trailer or tent, hearing the sounds of the land all night long). And then there is Raven, the black horse, who lives right outside the trailer. We can here the vibration on the Earth as she walks back and forth. Thank goodness at night, everyone is mostly silent. The dogs sleep, my son sleeps, the horse sleeps, I usually sleep, but not that Owl. He mostly calls with his young girl screaming sound followed by thequestion of who, who, who? He always wakes me, usually with a start and then I am soothed back to sleep by the gentle, repetitive sounds of him calling in the night. We saw him one night from the tent. At dusk, we could see his shape perched on a branch. It was our first sighting of him and we were unconvinced. After a few seconds, he expanded his great wings and flew straight by us. The silhouette against the almost dark sky was undeniably an Owl. Owls are all about helping us see in the dark. They are about using our senses of clairvoyance and clairaudience, seeing beyond what is physical and hearing beyond. They also help us to see that which people are hiding from themselves and others. Essentially seeing the shadow. I find this is something I work with a lot in my tarot readings. I am not there to help people know that they might meet someone or win the lottery (although these things sometimes come up…well not the lottery one yet). Instead, the readings are to help people become more in line with their Soul. We do a general reading to see where that person is at and what sorts of issues they are dealing with, then we dig right into Soul work. We look at the Chakras, or energy centres, to see where there are energetic blocks in their life or body that may be keeping their dreams from them. We then can see solutions for helping them melt these blockages and allow their energy to flow again which will in turn bring what they want to them. Raven, the Medicine Horse, then helps further balance and release energy within the person’s body.

Owl helps with these readings by revealing the unseen. There are often elements that people don’t want to face directly or are scared to. Owl also leads us through the tunnel of darkness to the light on the other side. I saw this play out one day recently when I was having a really tough day. I was pre-menstrual and feeling overwhelmed. Kai woke up happy, but then felt my turmoil and turned quickly into a clingy, crying mess. We went to school and after a week and a half of great drop-offs and no crying, he clung to me like a koala bear, terrified that I might leave him. I, of course, was not feeling the strength to just walk out so I hung around like a lost puppy and got hug after hug from friendly island strangers…. I finally pulled myself out of there, content that my little man would be ok and drove home. I phoned my hubby and bawled to him about all the things that were weighing on me… that our house was never going to get finished, that our teenagers were never going to come live with us again because they don’t want to live here….that it was going to rain for the rest of the winter and i was going to freeze and on and on. Not only was I crying and driving, but I was trying to cry to my husband on speaker phone, but he couldn’t hear me because the service kept cutting out. I gave up trying to talk to him with tears streaming down my face (very unsafe driving) and saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was an Owl and it landed on the fence on the side of the road. I pulled over and it was right beside my passenger window. It stared right in the window at me for a full 2 minutes, looking right at me with it’s big black beady eyes looking right into me. After he flew away, I went home and looked into my info about Owl. The first line I saw was, “Owl leads you through the dark tunnel and into the light.” Ahhhh… peace again. Thank you Owl!

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