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Creation, Creator, and Creature

I am a creation and a creator and a creature….hmmm.

In my last post, I talked about feeling the way forward and feeling first, then doing. This concept feels so big that I’m going to write about it again. I have been chewing on the above statement…. Creation, creator, creature.

We are all creatures. We have all been created by something (no possibility that this can be argued). Without getting political or religious (both of which I want nothing to do with), no matter how you believe the world came to Be, at some point life was created. When we are conceived, we are created. WE are each a magical, extraordinary creation of something beyond our human understanding (even if we do understand all the cellular conglomeration stuff that happens to make our bodies exist and tick). No one can really argue, that somewhere along this scientific story of how we have come to Be, there was a pi

nch or two of magic thrown in. Just the science of the human body alone is so amazing that it has to come from magic.

There is magic within each one of us. It is our uniqueness that is our magic, our humanness, our struggles, our curiosities, our emotions, our thoughts….these are all magic. I live for magic. Nothing excites me as much as the human psychology and the magic within each of us, trying to get out…trying to be expressed. Human expression rocks my world…I think because I am having such difficulties with my own. We are creations and creatures that are here to create. That’s it. What if we could all understand this nugget and hold it close to our hearts?

What if you go out in the world today and just be the creature that you were created to be? If you take this challenge upon yourself, you can’t possibly compare yourself to others because you are only your unique Self. You are actually doing it wrong (if we must use such words) if you are doing it exactly like someone else because no two of us are alike! You are a painting or a snowflake if you will, that has been created to shine in a certain way and to bring joy to others with your beauty and gifts. That is it.

What if we all felt the incredible love and support that our Soul and the Divine have for us (much like the most loving, adoring, supportive parent that we can imagine)….and we knew that we would be supported in ALL ways, financially, in health, in understanding, in emotional support….if we just went out and were the Creature that we were created to BE?

What if we just chose one day per week to start Being the creature that we Are? How about Sunday? In Michael Yankoski’s, A Sacred Year, he talks about his spiritual practice of honouring the Sabbath. He talks about this not as a sacred place, but as a sacred time. He begins to take Sunday as a day to be the creature that he has been created to be, not the ‘self-made’ man that he thinks he must be. He is able during this Sunday practice (with no wallet, or watch, or cell phone) to have the space to dance to his own music, to sway to the flow of his inner rhythm. I encourage everyone to take this time. For you and your families, take this time as Sacred. If Sunday is usually full of sports or events, take the evening for this practice. Create a ritual around this Sacred time by lighting candles. Maybe you have an hour where everyone flows individually and then maybe you flow as a family for an hour. We also want to teach our children how to sense their creatureness…

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