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Misty and Mystical

When the world is covered in mist, the silence descends…. On our farm, the trees (above) look like they are in a black and white photo. They look silver. I feel the veil is thin between us and something magical, something unseen.

I woke up this morning with this dream still running around my head. I had been looking for Raven (my horse) so she and I could help others. I wasn’t panicked that I couldn’t find her, just looking for her because I knew we had a mission together. I look out my front window now and I can barely see her through the mist.

Sitting at my table, looking out at them, I feel like I am still in that magical in-between stage. I feel like I am almost dreaming, but also almost awake. I pulled the card of Lizard last night. Lizard is about knowing your dream and dreaming it into being. This is something this mist is helping me with today.

To dream my life into being, I have always drawn pictures. I am less than wonderful at drawing, but I use this as a manifesting tool. I am a fabulous dreamer, always have been. I would day dream my way through young childhood and have always enjoyed this aspect of my mind. Though, as my head was my place of dreams and escaping, it was also my place of torture with the anxiety and fear present (more about this in other blogs). Because I had these two dichotomous sides to my brain, I have always had to consciously garner my focus for dreaming and manifesting what I do want and not what I don’t want. In an attempt to keep my focused on the dreams and not on the fears, I draw it out.

I just stated to my husband, that it is TIME for another drawing. He knows this about me..that I have done these drawings since before I met him. I drew him, actually. After my divorce, I had drawn a picture of a man, holding the hands of my two children and I and holding one more little person on his shoulders. I also drew a dog in the arms of my daughter. After two years of being single, he came into my life. 2 years after that, we had our son. When Kai was 3, we got Zen, one of our dogs. Then the picture was complete and I drew another one.

The next picture was of Soulfarm. We started to dream about having a farm…. Ok honestly, I started to dream about having a farm. Then my husband started volunteering at a farm and found his roots (pardon the pun) in gardening. His grandparents and many of his remaining family members back in Quebec are farmers. With him on board (sort of), I drew the picture. There was property in nature, with a little house, all of us happy, the dog and cat, and my daughter and I riding the 2 horses. Now, here we are. We have found Soulfarm. We have finished building the house. We have the 2 horses (well, one is boarding, but he is part of the herd for now!). And so it is time for a new picture….

Today, with this misty background, I will dream my future (in 3-5 years) into Being!!

I remember today that we can get so stuck in the day to day dramatic issues of life. I woke up with this feeling that I was going to keep my focus on my wider self today. Having teenagers, I can get so pulled into the ups and downs of their lives, that I forget that I am living my own. Building a house and looking after people and animals and being in communities and families, and having jobs and bills and finances and health and joy, we can forget that we CAN dream what we want into being. We forget our POWER. Our POWER is our dreaming and our dreaming is our focus. Drawing it out, focuses my scattered, frazzled dreaming into one, succinct picture of the wishes that I have for myself. It also makes me get REAL. This activity of drawing my dream, makes me feel hard into what I am wanting to see for myself. It makes me search for symbols, pictures, or words that have clear meaning. If I am concerned that the Universe will misconstrue one of my pictures, I infuse it with intention. I hold my picture after it is drawn, close to my heart and feel the feeling of having all of this dream in this moment. What would I feel like on the inside if this picture were true right now?

And this, or something more or less elaborate, is my ceremony around this drawing. My ceremony is my communication with the Universe that I mean business. Listen up beloved Universe, this is my wish for my future. And then I blow the metaphorical seed off the metaphorical dandelion into the mist…

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