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Black Panther waits....

Black Panther visited me yesterday in my cards…. Since then, what has been sitting with me is this…”Find the emptiness of the void and snuggle into Black Panther’s midnight fur. In all cases, you are reminded that every human being emerged from the darkness of the womb; you once felt that the silence and the ebony void of this nurturing space was the safest place to BE…Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

I have been looking for the feeling of cozy…that feeling of being totally safe and snuggled, with no fear. This has been a tough one for me throughout my life and I have only recently realized the extent to which I was afraid. So today I look for this. Abraham Hicks says to focus on that feeling of safety and bring that feeling into yourself repeatedly throughout your days. I attempt this.

This kind of focus is difficult to do in our busy lives. Our brains are so busy hopping from one thing to the next, that it is hard to even notice how we feel, let alone, working to insert a new feeling by bringing our attention to it throughout the day. This work takes great intention and attentiveness. I have given myself some help with this recently by slowing my life WAY down.

For those who don’t know, we moved to a small island and bought a farm. I now spend my days picking horse poop, playing with the horses and learning their ways, and writing while finishing the last details of the house build, chasing after my 3 kids (well 2 are teenagers, but there is still much chasing), and keeping house. This may sound super busy, but it is 10 steps down from living in a city with houses within 10 feet on both sides, cars driving by at all hours day and night and people and lights everywhere. For me, the silence, the darkness, the animals, the moon, and the land are potent healers.

I find, though, that a constant fear following me around has been a theme in my life. It has left me feeling jumpy and nervous. I have learned recently during my deep life reflections that I have difficulty feeling calm for any length of time. I have been zooming in on the reasons for my 30 years of digestive difficulties and I see it as this…. Maybe if I felt a bodily calm for any length of time, my body could then ‘digest’ life. If the high percentage of water within my body was calm like glass…maybe then I could save the energy needed for digestion…maybe then the storm inside me wouldn’t blow out the digestive Agni or flame and heat needed for healthy digestion.

So life and circumstances make me commit to following the Black Panther. I commit to facing my shadow, to jumping into the ‘emptiness of the void’. It is within our shadow that we find our most blessed gifts…. The Black Panther waits “for one courageous explorer of the healing potential found in the dark of the unknown”. (Jamie Sams and David Carson) And so I step off the cliff with the Black Panther as my sidekick into the void and face all that has remained unseen. Wish me luck and join me if you wish. Though this is a solo journey, it can be taken by many. Blessings on your healing journey….

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