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I Choose Freedom

This post is about freedom….

I sit at the edge of the pond with Izzy by my side. Izzy is our large, love dog. During the Solstice last night, Kai (my youngest son) and I did a little fire ceremony in the house (in the wood stove). We were letting go of old stuff and bringing in new energies and powers. I decided to follow it up with letting go of a bunch more stuff into the pond. I put the Hucha (negative energy in the Andean tradition) into a stone I found on the edge of the pond. I put worries and fears in one. I picked up another and put all the shoulds into that one. I feel like I have a constant running thought process around ‘shoulds’ and time. Especially at this time of year. The holidays seem to whack us upside the head with so many feelings of heaviness around doing and expectations and and and…. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays and the traditions and the family time. But I don’t love the ‘shoulds’. So I let them go.

Let's be clear. Letting things go into a stone into the water (one of the elements which is able to transform our negative energy back into clear energy for the Earth and people), doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not going to have another ‘should’ thought for the rest of my life. It does, however, mark a turning point for me. It reminds me when I do have a ‘should’ thought, that I have the intention of letting things go, of feeling lighter, of being more free.

I know that my Soul is free. I know that my inner being sees my life and what I do very differently than I do. I know that I have put so many burdens upon myself by thinking thoughts repeatedly that are ‘against’ what my inner being thinks…which then leads to negative belief systems. So I consciously work towards sharing this freedom with the wise, inner part of me. The part of me that is Eternal and All-Knowing…. But today I am human and have human thoughts and human foibles and so I create a ceremony around my intentions.

I am excited to let things go and I already feel lighter as I sit on the edge of the pond in the snow. As I get ready to leave, I look down and see a grey, polished stone. It might look like any other stone, but it is covered in lines that go all the way around the stone. When there is one ring, to me it is a wishing stone and a sign of Spirit meeting Earth, of Spirit coming into Matter, of my wishes coming true. I pick up this rock and look at it. I put it in my pocket and say out loud, “Thank you my stone of freedom.”

I walk home with the lightness that is becoming more common these days. My mind is relaxed and calm. Worry and anxiety have found somewhere else to rest for awhile. I walk in the farm gate, with Izzy on leash, and I see the horses are standing at the edge of their paddock, with their ears all cute and perked up. I ask them, “Are you ready to come out?”. Usually I put their halters on and escort them to this field or that one. Today, with freedom on my mind, I just let them out. They don’t get crazy or run away…They just saunter around the icy fields, pawing and poking the snow out of the way so they can reach the green grass underneath. As I sit by the fire in my living room writing this, I see them out the window with no halters, no fences (ok our acreage is fully fenced around, but they free within that) and I think about Freedom.

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