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Radical Acceptance

Today, I ran/hiked. I started out my adventure in a bad mood. I was feeling overwhelmed by my body and my ‘issues’. Yesterday, I had a day of sore stomach most of the day and this morning, I have a rash that is so much worse because of the cold. I stand looking at the beginning of my run and tell the Universe that I will run until I feel better…until I have an aha moment about what I’m feeling. And so I ran…

It took all of about 10 minutes. I was amazed… I stopped to stand in a spot of sun on this cold, icy, sunny day and bang. This was my realization that hit me as I stood there…

Acceptance. I have been fighting against this difficulty and this pain and this aggravation. As those with health issues often do, fight against this and fight against that. I realized it is in the moment that we release all that we are not accepting within ourselves, that healing begins. This is how I do it…

I think of my body like a women’s healing circle where I am the facilitator. Then, I see my health issues each as being a woman in that circle. At the risk of sounding like someone with multiple personality disorder, this is what I do. One thing that I am very good at is having compassion for others. In my work, I am able to help people without judgement and hold space for them to do their own healing. So I do this within my own body… My lower back, Gypsy, has issues with fear and feeling unsupported. My stomach, Indigo, has issues with fear, control, and she has difficulty accepting life as it is. My skin, Liz, is learning to really shine as her individual self. Seeing my body this way, as individual ladies working on their own stuff, helps me to accept and allow what is going on to be there without judgement. This method also keeps me from trying to push illness away which is exactly the energy that keeps it stuck.

Seeing my body parts as members in this Sacred Circle, I am fine with them being in pain. Bring it on, I say. Let’s feel this one out, I say. Let’s dig into this pain and see what is there, I say. I hold sacred space for all the pain and emotion to rise, to be acknowledged, and then to be released.

This is true compassion for self. This is Healing

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