Creating Soulfarm...

Now we have built it...

Soulfarm exists now in more than an idea form. It is tangible. It is a 5 acre property with a house now and two barns. A family of humans and animals, 11 right now to be exact, have congregated here and are starting to settle into the earth and the new life. Soulfarm has a website and business cards and even some programs running with people attending! It is all so exciting! But there is more happening than just logistics and marketing...there is more listening to be done. There is more magic that wants to come through. The land and animals and other beings have an unequivocal say in what happens here. We humans, are the stewards. We have been called here with a very clear vision that we wanted to help people heal themselves by reconnecting with nature and their Souls. This was our Mission Statement if you will. Though this intention is clear, the Why is loud and sure, the how still remains a bit of a mystery...

Honestly, this is what is happening right now in my world. I feel like I am trying to birth something that is so deep, I don’t even understand it. I can feel it as a big container of magic waiting for me to open to it. I feel it like a mystery that is just beyond my reach and I am blessed with little clues every day. The clues show up as feelings within me or messages that keep repeating themselves in the world. My job seems to be to stay quiet and open, to feel my way forward and to stay in my heart without drifting up and getting stuck in my head. Phew...what a job!

As I’ve said before, I love magic and I do love a good mystery... but the hard part for me is holding a space of trust and patience for all that is Soulfarm to unfold.

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About Me

I am a hippy, gypsy, witchy mama who has figured out that living life according to my Soul makes for joy, health, freedom, and abundance!


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