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Join the Circle of Nature...and find Wellness!

Recently, I have been pummeled by visions of me in circle with my helpers and guides, be they animal or human or other. During my year of training on the Andean Path around the Medicine Wheel, we embarked on many vision journeys. Almost every journey ended with me arriving at a bonfire in the woods, surrounded by beings. I couldn’t see their faces, but I knew they were my helpers and guides. During the last weekend of training, the vision ended again with me arriving at a circle of beings around a fire, but this time was different. This time, the circle opened and the beings turned to me. I was then invited to join them and take my seat as a part of the circle. I was no longer removed. I was integral, integrated.

This happened for me in real time yesterday during a session with my mentor. We were here at the farm with the herd that has formed. We were discussing the call from the herd for me to really step up and become a true member of the herd...doing the work needed...more than just physically. They were calling to me for a deeper connection during healing sessions with people. They were calling for me to really see their gifts and to join with them as partners on a deeper level than I had been.

The animals were asking me to join the circle of nature, to hear it and understand it on a level I had only begun to feel the edges of.

This deepening of my connection takes trust and the jumping off of another cliff. For me it is the cliff of ‘sanity’ maybe while others look on or the cliff of comfort and ‘this is how I do things’. When doing this type of consciousness and energy work, I find my human mind continuously looking for a place to rest...for a feeling of stability or ‘ok this is it’! But as it goes with expansion, there is no resting place. We rest within the expansion.

I know that I have kept a protective cloak around myself and my gifts in hopes of appearing ‘normal’ maybe? I have realized that in order to deepen my intuitive abilities to hear and understand nature, I must be open and patient. I can’t have both walls of protection and a deepening of connection. Authenticity requires a trueness that is not present when I have my walls up. There is such an ancientness to this listening, this joining as the infinity symbol with Nature and Spirit.

I am truly humbled by the honour that I have of living and working with these magnificent beasts and Nature. We are One.

huge love to you on your journey,


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