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Book Release for Spring!

After 10 long years of writing this book in my head, it is finally released into the world to fly!

People ask me what made me finish it after that long of writing it and I tell them I was tired of listening to myself saying I was writing a book... I wanted to tell them I had written a book and now I can!

And you know, it's been such a fascinating experience and funny to watch your own priorities change as you go through the process. When I finished, I wanted to release it right away and sell sell sell... but then I had beta readers reading it and they started to tell me things that flipped my perspective on its head. Readers were telling me that my vulnerable stories were helping them look deeply into themselves and see their own stories reflected there. They told me it was vulnerable and raw and healing for them to read. They told me that my story had become a part of them and would live inside them. These are incredible words of affirmation for someone who was terrified to show up with her raw story on her sleeve. So now, my priorities have changed to wanting as many people as possible to be touched by my words.

I wrote in the book that since I quit my job with the government, many years ago, that I felt like I was jumping off a cliff and trusting the Universe would build a bridge under me and for me. Well, it has happened with every path I followed my Soul down over the past 10 years. I have been lead to the most magical and difficult experiences that are perfect for my path. This book is the story of that journey to healing that I've been on. It's about how I met the horses and they walked beside me, pushing me to expand more and more as the days and the years went by. The Wild in Us is about how we can find those places within us again that are pure and wild, where the feelings are big and the ache is deep. The book shows us how once we are on the path of healing with the horses, they will step in line with our Soul and walk with us until we surrender enough to be face to face with the truth of who we are.

Sending so much love to you on your journey,


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