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Dragon calls for Surrender

Almost every day, I walk near my home and visit a Dragon petroglyph. I'm not sure it's a dragon, but it feels like Dragon to me. I'm born in the year of the Fire Dragon. Over the years, I've visited this petroglyph and felt its deep dragon energy infiltrating all of me as I sit on the rock nearest to it. I have felt the dragon fly into my solar plexus and grow the fire in there that has been weak throughout my life. The solar plexus is the place where we 'feel' people and energies.

Many of us, who are highly sensitive, me and I'm guessing you...we come into this life feeling so much through our bodies, that we often start to shut down and build up our defences against all that feels overwhelming and scary. Instead, we often will start to set up controls and rigidity and 'rules' within our lives in a constant struggle to feel safe. What these defences do, though, instead of helping us actually feel safe, they block us from feeling and often make us ill while filling our bodies with pain. Our defences keep us out of our hearts and out of our bodies, so we no longer feel the bad stuff, but we also don't feel the good stuff. Our lives continue on at the head level and we wonder why we feel so anxious and why our bodies are sick. True surrender happens when we can let go of the need for these defences and we are ready to feel everything! Dragon helps us heal this with its 'inner fire'.

When we have integrated Dragon energy into our bodies, we are able to clearly 'see' outer and inner dimensions. With this energy in our tool belts, we are resilient, trusting, and grounded enough to see the beauty in the world and feel the magic of the world around us with our intuition on full blast without feeling the need to put up our defences.

Today is the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal (funny that it's Dragon energy we're discussing!). This portal is a time that symbolizes a high frequency energy that brings an opportunity for growth and manifestation! Today is the day to let go of (surrender) all that was holding us back through trusting that our Soul is creating our best life for us if we just stop trying to control everything...It's time to watch the life you have always wanted come into form for you!

If you want a Lion's Gate energy/card reading for yourself, I am booking them for the next two weeks. Get in touch for a peek into what your Soul is preparing for you!

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